Here it is!  The new PULL OUT KINGS website!  NNNOICE!

2012 is already off to a fucking awesome start, and it just seems to keep getting better!

If you didn't already know, we released our debut JUST THE TIP last month - GO GET IT! iTunes + Bandcamp

And we're balls deep in tracks for upcoming singles/remix EPs/albums etc.  We aren't positive exactly how it's gonna play out yet, but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we get it figured.

Aaaannnd we've already completed one sick remix this year and more are in the works.  So keep your eyes/ears/genitals wide open for frequent updates and new music.  STOKED.

Shows and DJ events also coming just as soon as we can get it worked out.  We'll be bringing the insanity to a filthy clubnight somewhere near you in the near future.

Lastly, we'll have a merch store up in the next month or so, with t-shirts, stickers, CDs, pins, patches…and whatever other crazy shit we can slap our dirty mitts on.

Anyway, we're EXCITED about 2012 and can't wait to get ALL UP IN IT.  Hope you'll stick with us to see what kind of awesome/insane shit unfolds.